FAQ & Support

Free Mining Power
How do I get free hardware mining power?

Immediately upon registration! Create an account for free within seconds and watch Bitcoins being mined for you in real time. Each user receives FREE 1.500 TH/s once for a certain period of time. Please note that payouts only apply to Premium customers who have either purchased additional hardware mining power or receive mining power from active invited users.

Partner Program
How do I join the Partner Program and what are the benefits?

Quick and easy when registering an account! Each user receives a personal invitation link to invite new users and receive additional Mining Power commission (up to +10%) from active invitees. Register. Share link. Simply generate Bitcoins passively.

Contact MineThrive
How can I get in touch or contact the support team?

At any time 24/7 via e-mail or social media channels. Our system works largely automatically and autonomously with very low fault tolerance and permanent monitoring. However, if you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. More on our contact page.

Hardware Runtime
What is the maximum runtime of the hardware miners?

Basically permanent. However, if your account is inactive, miners will be deactivated after 2 years to save resources. In addition, free one-time mining power, which you receive once upon registration, may be deactivated after some time. However, mined Bitcoins will remain on your account permanently.

What limitations are there?

There are no overall limits. However, the following applies per transaction or for individual purchases:
The minimum purchase of Hardware Mining Power is 2.889 TH/s for 0.00039.
The maximum purchase of Hardware Mining Power is 40.957 PH/s for 3.5.
These restrictions are composed of restrictions on the Bitcoin network, in which low amounts can no longer be effectively utilized, as well as hardware limitations of our miners and the balance for fair hardware usage for all our customers. However, these limits only apply to individual purchases or Bitcoin transactions.

Fees and Delays
What are the additional costs or fees?

Creating an account is always free of charge. However, there are minimal transaction fees for the purchase of hardware mining power. However, this is due to the Bitcoin technology and cannot be influenced by us! Purchases and setup fees at MineThrive are therefore always free of charge! For withdrawals, however, we have to charge a minimum fee to cover the Bitcoin transaction costs ourselves. They will be deducted directly from your balance. The advantage of this: You do not have to carry high Bitcoin network transactions yourself if the network has a high utilization (which sometimes happens). Our fees are permanently set at a fixed low amount to be able to send you your minings at any time. Except for transaction delays caused by the Bitcoin network, there are no delays. Hardware Mining Power allocation happens instantly.